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Developers (Metal Ion Containing) Developers (Metal Ion Free) Remover/Stripper Adhesion Promoter/Thinner/Edge Bead Removal Compatibilities
With regard to the substrate material or, respectively, its coating, it has to be considered that the developers for AZ® and TI resists have a pH-value of approx. 12 and are therefore strongly alkaline.

Whether the developer can be metal ion containing or has to be metal ion free depends on each individual process or process stage. Generally, MicroChemicals® supplies optimized metal ion containing as well as metal ion free developers for each resist familiy.

For resist removal/stripping or, respectively, lift-off, either acetone or NMP are alternatives to strongly alkaline media.

Compatibilities photoresists & developers: It has to be considered that certain resist families sometimes show residuals after development when using incompatible developers. For example, we recommend AZ® 826 mif metal ion free) or AZ® 400K (metal ion containing) for the AZ® 4500 resist family (AZ® 4533, 4562).
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