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MicroChemicals® TI PRIME is an easy-to-use (Spincoating & Baking) adhesion promoter for all AZ® and TI photoresists. Beside an adhesion promotion, especially for low-viscosity resists, TI PRIME improves a closed coverage of the substrate with resist (wetting) even at thin to very thin resist film thicknesses.

AZ® EBR Solvent is the optimum solvent for the dilution of AZ® and TI photoresists. This may be useful to attain lower film thicknesses by spincoating, or to adjust the resist viscosity for spray coating or roller coating. In both cases, we recommend to check if a lower viscosity of the resist applied is available.

Furthermore, AZ® EBR Solvent is recommend for the edge bead removal and much better suited for this purpose as compared to acetone: The low viscosity of acetone often leads to acetone spots on the wafer deteriorating the resist film. The high vapour pressure promotes the acetone saturation in the atmosphere and leads to resist thinning all over the wafer.
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