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Acetone is not well-suited as stripper for photoresists: The high vapour pressure of acetone causes a fast drying and thus re-deposition of stripped photoresist onto the substrate forming striations. If nevertheless acetone shall be used for this purpose, a subsequent rinse with isopropyl alcohol - immediately after the acetone step - is recommended in order to remove the resist-contaminated acetone residual-free.

NMP (1-Methyl-2-pyrrolidon) is a powerful stripper due to its physical properties: NMP yields a low vapour pressure (no striation formation), strongly solves organic impurities as well as resists, keeps the removed resist in solution, and can be heated to 80°C due to its high boiling point.

Alkaline Solutions: If the alkaline stability of the substrate is high enough, aqueous alkaline solutions such as 2-3 % KOH or NaOH (= typical developer concentrates) can be used as remover. For highly cross-linked resists, higher concentrations or/and elevated temperatures might be required.

AZ® 100 Remover is an amine-solvent mixture, and a ready-to-use standard remover for AZ® and TI photoresists. In order to improve its performance, AZ® 100 Remover can be heated to 60°C. Since AZ® 100 Remover is strongly alkaline, aluminium containing substrates might be attacked as well as copper- oder GaAs alloys/compounds. In this case, AZ® 100 Remover should be used as concentrate, any dilution or contamination (even in traces!) of AZ® 100 Remover with should be avoided.

AZ® Kwik-Strip® is an amine-free and pH-neutral stripper making it compatible with e. g. aluminium-, copper- or GaAs containing substrates. For the removal of photoresist processed under harsh conditions (high degree of cross-linking), AZ® Kwik-Strip® can be heated up to 90°C.

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