Photoresist Processing Trouble-Shooting Etchants and Solvents
Photoresists Ancillaries Storage/Handling/Ageing Substrate Pre-Treatment and Coating Baking Steps Exposure Development Coating and Lift-off Etching and Stripping
Developers (Metal Ion Containing) Developers (Metal Ion Free) Remover/Stripper Adhesion Promoter/Thinner/Edge Bead Removal Compatibilities
AZ® Developer is optimized for minimum Aluminium attack/erosion and is typically applied 1:1 diluted in DI H2O for high contrast, or undiluted for high throughput. The dark erosion of this developr is comparable high.

AZ® 351B is based on buffered NaOH and is typically applied in 1:4 dilution.

AZ® 400K is based on buffered KOH and is typically applied in 1:4 dilution.

AZ® 303 is based on NaOH and KOH, and a special developer for the AZ® 111 xfs photoresist.
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MicroChemicals® - All you need for microstructuring with short lead times also in small sales volumes:

Photoresists (positive, negative, image reversal, thin and thick resists, spray resists, protective coating ...)
Ancillaries ( developers, thinner, adhesion promoter such as HMDS, remover)
Etchants (acids and the ready-to-use etching mixtures aluminium etch, chromium etch, gold etch und silicon etch)
Solvents (acetone, isopropyl alcohol, MEK ... in VLSI and ULSI quality)