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Positive photoresists develop at the exposed areas, while the unexposed resist remains on the substrate after development. MicroChemicals® supplies positive resists suited for almost all lithographic applications such as dry etching, wet etching, electroplating, metallization with a lateral resolution starting from 350 nm on, and a resist film thickness range from few 100 nm towards 100 μm and more: The 1500-series of "thin" resists with improved adhesion (AZ® 1505, 1512HS, 1514H and 1518), the 6600-series with its improved thermal stability (AZ® 6612, 6624 and 6632), the high-resolution AZ® 701MiR and ECI 3027, and the thick resists AZ® 4562 and AZ® 9260.

Negative photoresists behave opposite: The areas exposed crosslink during a subsequent baking step (post exposure bake, PEB) and remain after development. With the aqueous developable and organic removable AZ® nLOF 2000 family of negative resists, MicroChemicals® covers a thickness range from 1 .. 20 μm (AZ® nLOF 2020, 2035, and 2070.

Image reversal resists can either be processed positive or negative. If the latter is required, an image reversal bake followed by a flood exposure makes the areas exposed in the first step inert in developer. MicroChemicals® supplies image reversal resists such as AZ® 5214E, TI 35ES, and TI xLift for a resist thickness range from approx. 1 to 20 micron.

Beside original sales volumes, MicroChemicals® also supplies small (250 ml, 500 ml, 1.000 ml) sales volumes of all resists mentioned above with short lead times.
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MicroChemicals® - All you need for microstructuring with short lead times also in small sales volumes:

Photoresists (positive, negative, image reversal, thin and thick resists, spray resists, protective coating ...)
Ancillaries ( developers, thinner, adhesion promoter such as HMDS, remover)
Etchants (acids and the ready-to-use etching mixtures aluminium etch, chromium etch, gold etch und silicon etch)
Solvents (acetone, isopropyl alcohol, MEK ... in VLSI and ULSI quality)